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"Medical Institute For Tamils" (MIFT) is an officially registered non-profit cooperation representing Tamil speaking medical and dental professionals in North America. 

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   Our Completed & Planned Activities   

Report on Our Activities Completed & Planned for the Future

November 2005

The Medical Institute For Tamils (MIFT) - Canada is empowered by the enthusiasm and steered by the tireless volunteerism of the members consisting of medical professionals in Canada-doctors, dentists etc. Since MIFT was founded in November 1998 we have been succeeding our accomplishments in an accelerated fashion locally in Canada and abroad. We were involved in publishing health articles in Tamil newspapers and participated in radio/TV health talks to help the expatriate Tamil population.

We also participated in health education seminars/projects organized by other community organizations working with the Tamil population here.

Since the peace talks began in Sri Lanka, we had four different teams from MIFT visit our homeland on medical/humanitarian missions with the support of CHC. In March 2003 and in March 2004 out multidisciplinary teams visited Vanni. The highlights of these missions were modifying dental and anesthetic equipment, performing surgical and dental procedures, conducting medical, dental and psychiatric clinics, teaching medical and dental students etc.

In December 2004, as soon as the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka, our MIFT team rushed to provide the needed services to the people in the devastated Batticaloa area. In March 2005, another team did the same in the Trincomalee area.

Our After the Wave tsunami fundraising event is our first and only major event which took place in April this year. We succeeded in mobilizing general support from the mainstream Canadians and the expatriate Tamils in this event and raised a substantial fund for Tsunami relief. At this time, MIFT is looking into a variety of Tsunami related project proposals by NGO and other individual organizations working in the north-east.

  • As our first commitment/installment $25,000 (Canadian) has been dispersed for Puthukudiyiruppu hospital medical, surgical ward/maternity & pediatric unit renovation project-estimated cost @80-100k
  • Also funding approved for two used ambulances for primary care units operated by CHC in eastern/northern provinces @20k each
  • Funding approved for a mobile dental unit @30-40k

    At this point we would also like to outline some of our Material/Financial contributions to north-eastern Sri Lanka so far.

    Mission 1 - $8,000+ Canadian

  • Medical books, Generator, Compressor, Dental equipments and supplies, Water Filters, Medications, Medical Supplies
  • Solar Panels for Thileepan Canters
  • Donations to Sencholai, Kantharoopan arivucholai etc.

    Mission 2 - $10,000+ Canadian
  • BCLS supplies, eye equipment/supplies
  • Lab auto analyzer, Microscope for Puthukudiyiruppu hospital
  • Part donation for a Video projector
  • Medications, Medial Supplies
  • Installed four Anesthetic machines for Vanni hospitals     

    Post Tsunami Missions 3 & 4 - $30,000+ Canadian
  • Medications, Vaccines, Medical supplies + treating Tsunami victims in the camps
  • Generator/ Motor bike for CHC Batticaloa
  • Donation to Batticaloa hospital for Tsunami relief
  • Fund for counseling/medical training – CHC Trincomalee 

    Other Projects
  • Laptop computer through TSVP for CHC office in Kilinochchi - $800 Canadian 
  • Shipment of examining beds, hospital and medical supplies donated by a local charity here $1,500+ Canadian
  • Local purchase of Tsunami relief supplies, materials, medications, vaccines etc
  • Donated to TRO - $40,000 Canadian with the first post tsunami mission

    Prepared by Dr.Santhakumar-VP MIFT
    On behalf of the Board of Directors
    Medical institute for Tamils


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