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2011 Tamil Health Forum in Montreal

MIFT Committee Members [2011]

CMDDA/MIFT Annual Members Picnic - July 9 & 10, 2011

Scarborough Tamil Health Forum is on Sun. June 05, 2011.

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"Medical Institute For Tamils" (MIFT) is an officially registered non-profit cooperation representing Tamil speaking medical and dental professionals in North America. 

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   Funds and Projects of MIFT   

  • Appeal for help the Flood victims in Eastern Sri Lanka
    [MIFT]-[Jan. 17, 2011]-[Fund & Project]

    Floods in Eastern Sri Lanka has affected over a million people. Over 300,000 have been displaced and the United Nations has called upon the international community to help the victims of the flood recover from this devastation. Eastern Sri Lanka has been victimized by the brutality of war since 1983, and was severely affected by the tsunami of 2004. The needs of the victims are immense and evolving daily...

  • Medical / Humanitarian Crisis in Vanni
    [MIFT]-[Apr. 07, 2009]-[Fund & Project]

    We have successfully delivered food and medical supplies worth CAD $20,000.00 with the help of CHA via ICRC ship. If you would like to make a donation for this worthy cause please send your cheque to MIFT or send it through on to your doctor /dentist or any other member of this organization or call: 905-949-5656 or 905-273-7946.

  • Save a Heart Campaign
    [CMDDA]-[Jul. 11, 2008]-[Fund & Project]

    Identified and initiated by Cardiologists' from the Jaffna Teaching Hospital as a vital need. Canadian Medical Dental Development Association (CMDDA) has joined hands with other Diaspora medical organizations to collectively fundraise towards the establishment of a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Unit, which will facilitate early diagnosis and prevention of potential heart attacks through intervention and investigation. CMDDA has committed to Cdn. $ 200,000 towards this project which has an anticipated cost of approximately US $ 1,000,000. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Unit in the Northern Province when complete will add to the existing ten other units operating successfully in Sri Lanka.

  • Tsunami Disaster Relief Efforts
    [MIFT]-[Dec. 30, 2004]-[Fund & Project]

    We have actively sought to use our resources to serve deprived sections of our community both in Canada and in our homeland of Sri Lanka in 2003 and 2004. Right after the Tsunami Disaster, the executive committee of Medical Institute For Tamils (MIFT) met at an emergency meeting and decided to send medical teams of doctors, nurses, and volunteers and to collect funds, medications, medical supplies for the unfortunate ones in Sri Lanka.
    -- Tsunami Relief Effort Updates --
  • Apr 23rd: "After The Wave" A tsunami fundraiser
  • Mar 03rd: Acknowledgement of Fund Contributions
  • Jan 28th: Photos of First M.I.F.T. Mission to Tsunami Affected Areas
  • Jan 28th: First M.I.F.T. Mission Report for Tsunami Affected Areas
  • Jan 21st: Second MIFT Humanitarian Team Leaves on Feb. 03, 2005
  • Jan 11th: Press Conference was Held
  • Jan 09th: MIFT Press Conference on Jan 11th
  • Jan 03rd: Relief Efforts Handout
  • Jan 02nd: World aid effort grows ...Toronto Star
  • Jan 01st: First team arrived in Colombo

  • Completed Second Medical Mission to Sri Lanka
    [MIFT]-[April 2004]-[Project]

    [March 1-7, 2004 week] To assist the medical authorities in Northeastern Sri Lanka, to visit and provide medical services, and review the current status and to advise them on future health development, MIFT successfully completed its second medical mission recently. This was a continuam of our first mission made possible by the support of our members.

  • Completed First Medical Mission to Sri Lanka - March 2003
    [MIFT]-[February 2004]-[Project]

    Considering the request from the humanitarian groups in the Northeastern Sri Lanka, in January of 2003 the Medical Institute for Tamils made the decision to visit these areas and provide medical services, review the current status and to advise them on future health development. With the current peace in Sri Lanka, the trip was planned and the team departed within six weeks, departing Canada on March 14th and reaching Colombo, Sri Lanka on March 16th, 2003. The team did their clinical work at Puthu Kudi Irupu Hospital. They saw several patients, and provided consultations in surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics-gynaecology, pain management and psychiatry. A few surgical procedures were also conducted that afternoon. The Canadian Medical Team shared their medical and clinical experience with the health care professionals in the North East of Sri Lanka. A list of expertise of the visiting team is given on page 3 and 4. The members of the Canadian team are very fluent in the local language, and it shares similar cultural background, a distinct advantage for an effective exchange of the expertise.

  • MIFT - Medical Relief Fund for Tamils
    [MIFT]-[March 2003]-[Fund]

    MIFT has established a Medical Relief Fund for Tamils at our last AGM to finance our humanitarian projects in the future. ONE OF Our project is THE Medical Mission By Canadian Tamil Medical Professionals to the North and East of Sri Lanka From Canada.


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