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"Medical Institute For Tamils" (MIFT) is an officially registered non-profit cooperation representing Tamil speaking medical and dental professionals in North America. 

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Canadian Doctors of Tamil Descent call on the Canadian government for immediate action in Sri Lanka
[MIFT/CMDDA]-[May 11, 2009]
The escalating humanitarian crisis in the North of Sri Lanka has caused tremendous burden in the Medical profession both in Sri Lanka and in Canada. An estimated 3,200 men, women and children have been killed between May 9 & 10, 2009 in the war zone and thousands more have been injured. This dramatic escalation adds to the thousands previously reported killed and injured by the United Nations since the escalation began in January.

The Canadian Medical Dental Development Association (CMDDA) call on the Canadian government to immediately:

  1. Begin diplomatic pressure on Sri Lankan government and the United Nations to call an immediate and permanent ceasefire to halt this ongoing medical humanitarian tragedy;
  2. Demand the immediate supply of food, water and medicine to people in "no-fire zone" and internment camps by NGOs;
  3. Begin dialogues with both sides to ensure the safety of the 130,000 civilians trapped in the conflict zone;
  4. Cease all direct monetary aid to the Sri Lankan government and divert through NGOs to ensure delivery of necessary humanitarian assistance to the affected; and
  5. Use legal expertise to initiate the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and other means to secure Tamils from the FAILED-STATE, Sri Lanka.

Canadian Doctors of Tamil descent express alarm over hospitalization of hunger strikers - call for immediate intervention by the Canadian Government.
[MIFT/CMDDA]-[April 17, 2009] The Canadian Medical Dental Development Association and the Medical Institute for Tamils (CMDDA/MIFT) call for immediate intervention by the Canadian Government to meet with the individuals who have undertaken hunger strikes in Ottawa and to effectively intervene in the crisis in Sri Lanka.

MIFT's Activities; Completed & Planned for the Future
[MIFT]-[Nov., 2004]

The Medical Institute For Tamils (MIFT) - Canada is empowered by the enthusiasm and steered by the tireless volunteerism of the members consisting of medical professionals in Canada-doctors, dentists etc. Since MIFT was founded in November 1998 we have been succeeding our accomplishments in an accelerated fashion locally in Canada and abroad. We were involved in publishing health articles in Tamil newspapers and participated in radio/TV health talks to help the expatriate Tamil population.

World aid effort grows
[The Toronto Star]-[Jan. 02, 2004]

Canadian aid teams including a group of volunteers led by a Toronto doctor — have finally hit the ground in Sri Lanka as the biggest relief operation in human history struggles to get food, water and medicine to millions of tsunami refugees. A private team of eight Canadian medical workers, led by Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Jegapathy Rajendra, arrived in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, yesterday, and immediately began local purchases of aid supplies for residents of the hard-hit east coast city of Batticaloa.
...(More on Toronto Star)

Tsunami Disaster Relief Efforts
[MIFT]-[Dec. 30, 2004]

We have actively sought to use our resources to serve deprived sections of our community both in Canada and in our homeland of Sri Lanka in 2003 and 2004. Right after the Tsunami Disaster, the executive committee of Medical Institute For Tamils (MIFT) met at an emergency meeting and decided to send medical teams of doctors, nurses, and volunteers and to collect funds, medications, medical supplies for the unfortunate ones in Sri Lanka.

Overseas Alumni of Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna
[MIFT]-[August 21, 2004]

Oveseas Alumni of Faculty of Medicine, University of Jaffna was inaugurated August 21 2004 in Toronto, Canada. The membership constitutes of all past students,teachers and well wishers of the Jaffna Medical Faculty living overseas. Also, MIFT dedicated a page under its website for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jaffna, Overseas Alumni.

Second Medical Mission to Sri Lanka is Completed
[MIFT]-[Mar. 2004]

Our first mission was well received and benefited many in the Northern Sri Lanka. To continue this outreach mission and to fulfill MIFT’s commitment to the local health authorities our second team reached Colombo on March 1st and departed straight to Kilinochchi. We reached Kilinochchi in the evening and spent the first day there. We thank all the MIFT members who supported us and helped us with your pledge, medication samples etc. Without your support this mission would not have been possible.

MIFT Status Report
[MIFT]-[Nov. 2003]

We the executive committee of the association wishes to share with that we have successfully completed our first Medical/Humanitarian mission to Sri Lanka in March 2003. Eight of our active members, most of them are in the committee, under took this mission and provided Teaching/Primary Care/Cental services to the under serviced areas in Northern Sri Lanka.
...( JPG)

First Medical Mission to Northern Sri Lanka is Completed
[MIFT]-[Mar. 2003]

Considering the request from the Humanitarian groups in Northeastern Sri Lanka, in January of 2003 the Medical Institute for Tamils made the decision to visit these areas and provide medical services, review the current status and to advise them on future health development. The Peace in Sri Lanka and the mandate given to the committee by the membership at the last Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee requested that I organize a team comprising of doctors of different specialities, to go on a medical mission.

MIFT Letter to Its Members
[MIFT]-[March 01, 2003]

We the executive committee of the association wishes to share with you all some of the decisions made at our recent committee meetings and request your help in carrying out the projects we have proposed to under-takes on behalf of the association and its members. As agreed and accepted by the general membership at the last annual general meeting, we have pursued the idea of providing help and medical rehabilitation in the North and East of SriLanka.
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