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2011 Tamil Health Forum in Montreal

MIFT Committee Members [2011]

CMDDA/MIFT Annual Members Picnic - July 9 & 10, 2011

Scarborough Tamil Health Forum is on Sun. June 05, 2011.

Ottawa Tamil Health Forum is on May 28, 2011.

CME/AGM 2011

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"Medical Institute For Tamils" (MIFT) is an officially registered non-profit cooperation representing Tamil speaking medical and dental professionals in North America. 

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   Current Online Members   

Below table contains the information of all MIFT online members.
The Members in the MIFT On-line Database
# Name Profession City Country Email More Info.
106 Dr. Muthu Muthumanikandan Medicine Madurai India M00134
105 Dr. Anbumalar Santhosam Medicine Brampton Canada M00133
104 Dr. Pradeepan Saumian Dentistry Badulla Sri Lanka M00132
103 Dr. Palaniyappah Suresh Medicine Colombo Sri Lanka M00131
102 Dr. Nadarajah Sanjeevan Medicine Toronto Canada M00130
101 Dr. Sharmini Balendran Dentistry Brampton Canada M00129
100 Dr. Nalini Sutharsan Dentistry Markham Canada M00128
99 Dr. Arany Shan Medicine London Canada M00127
98 Dr. Nalini Sutharsan Dentistry Markham Canada M00126
97 Dr. Thamiliny Elanthirayan Medicine Toronto Canada M00124
96 Mis. Arany Shanmugalingam Medicine London Canada M00123
95 Dr. Tharsan Sivakumar Medicine Markham Canada M00122
94 Dr. Sinnadurai Sangaralingham Medicine Oshawa Canada M00121
93 Dr. Deepa Yoganathan Medicine Toronto Canada M00119
92 Dr. Antoninas Joseph Medicine Toronto Canada M00118
91 Dr. Shanthalojiny Umaharan Medicine Markham Canada M00117
90 Dr. Mathangi Arunthavaraja Optometry Markham Canada M00116
89 Dr. Ranjith Mahendranathan Chiropractic Whitby Canada M00115
88 Dr. Arany Shanmugalingam Medicine London Canada M00114
87 Mis. Tharshini Bala Medicine Ki Germany M00113
86 Dr. Sivaseelan Sivapalan Medicine Toronto Canada M00112
85 Dr. Priya Kumaraguru Medicine Oregon United States M00111
84 Dr. Raj Devarajan Medicine Acton United States M00110
83 Mr. Selvanayagam Niruban Medicine Ottawa Canada M00109
82 Mrs. Tharini Paramananthan Nursing Markham Canada M00108
81 Dr. Balasingam Senthooran Medicine Trincomalee Sri Lanka M00107
80 Dr. Ratnasingam Gobith Medicine Kondavil Sri Lanka M00106
79 Dr. Arudshivam Senthooran Medicine Hatton Sri Lanka M00105
78 Dr. Thevaki Pararajasingam Medicine Utica United States M00104
77 Dr. Nades Palaniyar Medicine Toronto Canada M00103
76 Dr. Pitchaiappah Kanesavaradan Medicine Toronto Canada M00102
75 Dr. Priatharsini Sriganesh Medicine Buffalo grove United States M00101
74 Dr. Jayanthini Ganesh Medicine Kitchner Canada M00100
73 Dr. Ranjith kumar Ratnasingam Medicine Hamilton Canada M00099
72 Dr. Priya Jeganathan Dentistry Scarborough Canada M00098
71 Dr. Abirami Sivapiragasam Medicine Toronto Canada M00097
70 Dr. Suguna Loganathan Psychology Brampton Canada M00096
69 Dr. Senthilpushpa Sivakumaran Medicine Scarborough Canada M00095
68 Mr. Syed Imran Physical Therapy Male Maldives M00094
67 Dr. Thanabalasingam Suvethanan Medicine Colombo Sri Lanka M00093
66 Dr. Prathesh Jeyakanthan Medicine Scarborough Canada M00092
65 Dr. Kanapathippillai Sivanesan Medicine Manchester United Kingdom M00091
64 Dr. Kunthavai Sabthakaran Medicine Scarbarough Canada M00090
63 Dr. Senthuran G Medicine Vavuniya Sri Lanka M00089
62 Dr. Kayathiri Y Medicine Colombo Sri Lanka M00088
61 Dr. Senthuran G Medicine Vavuniya Sri Lanka M00087
60 Dr. Ragupathy Thirunavukarasu Medicine Colombo Sri Lanka M00086
59 Mr. Joseph-francis Xavier Psychology Scarborough Canada M00085
58 Dr. Andrew Seevaratnam Medicine Danbury United States M00084
57 Dr. Komathy Jayashankar Medicine Markham Canada M00083
56 Dr. Thambirajah Nandakumar Medicine Glen head United States M00082
55 Dr. Gerard Francis Medicine Meadville United States M00081
54 Dr. Abimanue Ambikapathy Medicine Worcester United Kingdom M00080
53 Mr. Dugald Maclean Psychology Toronto Canada M00079
52 Mrs. Meena Vijayakumar Dental Assistant Mississauga Canada M00078
51 Mrs. Samy Wilson Nursing Charlottetown Canada M00077
50 Dr. Sandirasegaram Abraham Medicine Carlton Australia M00076
49 Dr. Prrasonna Selvarajah Medicine North york Canada M00075
48 Mis. Tharani Subramaniam Medicine Scarborough Canada M00074
47 Mis. Mahendrasingam Mythiri Medicine Jaffna Sri Lanka - M00073
46 Dr. Jesudas Benjamin Medicine Henderson New Zealand M00072
45 Mis. Suluxy Kuna Medicine Jaffna Sri Lanka M00071
44 Dr. Uthayakumaran Somasundaram Medicine Stjohns Canada M00070
43 Dr. Rajendira Surenthirakumaran Medicine Jaffna Sri Lanka M00069
42 Dr. Thirunavukarasu Ragupathy Medicine Colombo 10 Sri Lanka M00068
41 Dr. Theepa sothy Sivaganesh Medicine Toronto Canada M00067
40 Dr. Thurka Gokulapalan Medicine Markham Canada M00066
39 Dr. Justin Wong Medicine Winnipeg Canada M00065
38 Mis. Cynthia Brunsel Nursing Winnipeg Canada M00064
37 Dr. Sathivel Kajanath Medicine St.petersburg Russia M00063
36 Ms. Thadsayani Kanakasundaram Nursing Mississauga Canada M00062
35 Mr. Muthuthamby Sivakumar Medicine Margate United Kingdom M00061
34 Dr. Srideva Chanmugam Medicine Mississauga Canada M00060
33 Dr. Koushalya Paramsothy Medicine Markham Canada M00059
32 Dr. Jeyaranee Rasiah Medicine Halifax Canada M00058
31 Dr. Pathmajah Ceylon Medicine Toronto Canada M00057
30 Dr. Senthilpushpa Sivakumaran Medicine Toronto Canada M00056
29 Dr. Nirmala Chrishanthan Medicine Sevenhills Australia M00055
28 Dr. Deepa Yoganathan Medicine New york United States M00054
27 Dr. Arul Varadarasa Medicine Dawson creek Canada M00053
26 Dr. Marino Bastiampillai Medicine Lindenpark Australia M00052
25 Dr. Velupillai Wignakumar Medicine Corbin United States M00051
24 Dr. Rajaram Kandasamy Medicine Cranbury United States M00050
23 Dr. Sri sujanthy Rajaram Medicine West windsor United States M00049
22 Dr. Vallipuram Vigneswaran Medicine Swansea United Kingdom M00048
21 Dr. Rajes Logan Medicine Markham Canada M00047
20 Dr. Vanathy Jeevakumar Dentistry Mississauga Canada M00045
19 Dr. Thevaki Sivakumaran Medicine Cambridge Canada M00044
18 Dr. A Gnaneswaran Medicine Ajax Canada M00043
17 Dr. Coomarasamy Kirupananthan Medicine Toronto Canada M00042
16 Dr. Muthukumaru Illango Dentistry Scarborough Canada - M00041
15 Dr. Victor Figurado Medicine Missississauga Canada M00040
14 Dr. Grace Mariampillai Medicine Toronto Canada - M00039
13 Dr. Pon Sivaji Medicine Scarborough Canada M00038
12 Dr. Saravanamuthu Poologanathan Medicine Romford United Kingdom M00037
11 Dr. C. P. Giri Dentistry Scarborough Canada M00036
10 Dr. Jegapathy Rajendra Medicine Markham Canada M00035
9 Dr. Wigneswaran Paramanathan Medicine Trumbull United States M00034
8 Dr. Mary Paramanathan Medicine Trumbull United States M00033
7 Dr. Arulanandam Thangaroopan Medicine Ajax Canada M00032
6 Dr. Arasaratnam Selvarajah Dentistry Don Mills Canada M00031
5 Mrs. Sumathy Selva Dentistry Thornhill Canada M00030
4 Dr. Uma Tharmaratnam Medicine Toronto Canada M00029
3 Dr. Gopal Gopalapillai Dentistry Toronto Canada M00028
2 Dr. Vadivelu Santhakumar Medicine Mississauga Canada M00026
1 Dr. Kandiah Gnanendran Medicine Toronto Canada M00025


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