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"Medical Institute For Tamils" (MIFT) is an officially registered non-profit cooperation representing Tamil speaking medical and dental professionals in North America. 

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   Updates on Tsunami Relief Efforts   

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  • -- Updates on Tsunami Relief Effort --
    Apr. 23, 2005: "After The Wave" A tsunami fundraiser

    On behalf of the Medical Institute for Tamils (MIFT) I would like to invite you to join a distinguished list of sponsors for our spring fundraising gala. The gala will be held on Saturday, April 23rd 2005 together with the partnership of Sheraton Parkway North Toronto, Richmond Hill. The evening includes a cocktail reception, silent auction, and formal dinner followed by dancing and a midnight sweet table.

    -Dr V.Figurado
    (President, MIFT)                  ... (More)

    Jan. 28, 2005: First M.I.F.T. Mission Report for Tsunami Affected Areas

    The Tsunami disaster had a great impact on most people living in the affected area and it brought awareness and concern of people living outside. There was intense grief in the loss of human life and property.
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    First Tsunami Mission Photoes
    This aspect reflected on many of us living in Canada. Many wanted to help in many ways, a group of medical doctors decided that they should leave to Sri Lanka immediately. This effort was supported by the MIFT organization, which helped in making this project satisfying and successful, even though it was heart-rending. The team consisted of Dr. Victor Figurado (President MIFT), Dr. Rajes Logan, Dr. Sriharan Sinnadurai, Dr. Rajwani Grawal, Dr. Devi Kanapathipillai, Sharmini Kirupananthan, Prema Elagupillai, Gajen Rajendra, and was co-ordinated by Dr. Jegapathy Rajendra. (More)

    Jan. 21, 2005: Second MIFT Humanitarian Team Leaves on Feb. 03, 2005

    The Executive Committee met on Friday 21st of January 2005. The next [MIFT] Humanitarian Team from Canada led by Dr. Sivaji will be leaving for Sri Lanka on February 3rd 2005. This team will consist of fifteen people including seven doctors and five nurses.

    In this team we have a nurse travelling all the way from North West Territories and another nurse from Labrador North. All these volunteers are travelling with the sole purpose of helping the people affected by the Tsunami in the North & East of Sri Lanka.

    Dr. A. Selvarajah; Secretary, MIFT

    Jan. 11, 2005: Press Conference was Held

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    Tsunami - Press Conference Photos
    Our first Medical team of volunteers has returned from the Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. A news conference / press release was held at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel [Leslie & Highway 7] at 7.00pm on Tuesday January 11th, 2005. It was attended by several Canadian Television and News Paper reporters. Answering to the questions form the Media, the MIFT panel of doctors explained to the Media not only their experiences, but also what Canadians can do for this relief effort on the long run. The next team will be leaving on February 3rd, 2005 and this team will be lead by Dr. Sivaji, from Scarborough Grace Hospital.

    Dr. A. Selvarajah; Secretary, MIFT

    Jan. 09, 2005: Press Conference by MIFT is on Jan 11, 2005

    According to the decision taken at the last emergency Executive Committee meeting, arrangements have been made by Dr. Giri to organize a Press Conference by MIFT. This is to present to the media the first hand information by the returning Team of Doctors from the disaster zone. The conference will be held on Tuesday, January 11th 2005 at the Shereton Parkway Hotel, near Highway 7 & Leslie Street at 6.30pm. MIFT is inviting the News Media/TV/Radio for this conference. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Asirwatham (asirwatham@sympatico.ca) or Dr. Shesha (asviswasam@sympatico.ca) before Monday (Jan. 10, 2005) midnight. We need to know the number of people attending to make the seating/standing arrangements. (More)

    Jan. 02, 2005: World aid effort grows

    Canadian aid teams including a group of volunteers led by a Toronto doctor have finally hit the ground in Sri Lanka as the biggest relief operation in human history struggles to get food, water and medicine to millions of tsunami refugees. A private team of eight Canadian medical workers, led by Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Jegapathy Rajendra, arrived in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo, yesterday, and immediately began local purchases of aid supplies for residents of the hard-hit east coast city of Batticaloa. (More on Toronto Star)

    Jan. 01, 2005: First team arrived in Colombo

    First team of medical personnel are now in Colombo to proceed to north east to provide medical aid. Tomorrow morning they are hoping to leave for Batticaloa. They are taking with them medical supplies including antibiotics, pain medications and anti-diarrheals collected here in Toronto. These supplies have been donated by pharmaceutical firms and with the help of Dr. Elagupillai. The following items are being sent - wound dressings, iv supplies, hepatitis, cholera, tetanus and typhoid vaccinations, anti dysentry medications, pain killers. These items were purchased in Colombo (worth $CAD 40,000) with the generous donation made by Mr. Eliyabharathy from the collections made by his radio station CTBC from the Tamil community in Toronto. I contacted our medical Team today (our time 12.45pm 1/1/2005), they are leaving to batticaloa district at 5:00 am Colombo time. They are asking for money to buy more urgent medical supplies since they are in the field and know the needs. Please dig deep into your pockets and donate us generously.

    Dr. Arul Thangaroopan (Trustee, MIFT)


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